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Please help?!?! (Car Question) Starts ok cold but rough start when warm...?

Ok here are all the details to this thing going on with my car. First so everyone knows, it is a Chevy Lumina z34 1993 with a dual cam overhead v6 in it, 3.4L. Ok now second we have replaced the air filter, air breather, fuel filter, and have checked all the fuel lines, poured fuel injector cleaner in the car and cleaned battery wires, changed the spark plugs and changed valve cover gasket (different problem, there was oil on the spark plugs for a while so ya hehe). The problem with my car is that it starts decent in the morning when i have let it sit overnight, and also starts good if you start it up right after you shut it off, but if you let it sit for like 2 hours or so then you have to give it gas to help it start (feather the pedal). So everyone knows also, the temperature gauge (inside the car) slowly gets over half (has gotten really hot, up to 260 degrees actually, and i thought it was the thermostat but i don't think this will affect how the car starts will it?) Anyways, then drops back down to a quarter, then slowly rises again and repeats, it doesn't seem normal but idk. Another thing is i filled the car with gas (completely full) and the gas tank leaked about half a gallon of gas and then stopped. (The leak came from underneath the car in the middle, where the gas tank is). Any ideas on what is wrong with it yet? Anybody? If you have anymore questions about info of what I have done with the car, noises it makes or anything like that, just type it up here on the page and I will answer back within a couple hours. TY, please everyone help! So in need of help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Please help?!?! (Car Question) Starts ok cold but rough start when warm...?
Well to start your seals are leaking. That is how oil got on your spark plugs. If oil is leaking then you probably have low oil. That can be very bad. You must check your oil every time you get gas. You have been lucky up to this point. If you run the oil reservoir too low you will seize the engine, it will freeze and will not work. You either get a new engine or new car. It is worth the two minutes to check the oil.

Second it sounds like your water or antifreeze is low too. I know everybody is in a hurry these days but you need to take care of the vehicle that takes care of you and keeps you protected.

Terrible things can happen to you from sheer laziness.

Picture breaking down in the wrong part of town all alone in the dark. You will wish you took the time.

Start caring better for your car it will run for more years to come.Please help?!?! (Car Question) Starts ok cold but rough start when warm...?
you say it,s hard to start after it warms up? this is just a guess but have the coil tested. if a coil gets too hot then it can break down and hard to start. you say the tank leaks? maybe it,s sucking air from the leak.Please help?!?! (Car Question) Starts ok cold but rough start when warm...?
if a car gets too hot it is harder to start until it cools alittle bit then should start fine. you do need to find out where the gas leak is and repair it im sure its not helping the situation at all.

How can i get my engine to start?

i have a 94 nissan altima GXE n i cant get it to start...i just changed brand new spark plugs,wires and distributor...the only way i can get it on is pumping the gas a couple times. then i turn it off and let sit there for few mins and then try to turn it back on again i wont do it until i pump the gas again. what could that be, if u have any idea pls let me know... thanksHow can i get my engine to start?
If you have to pump gas first before your car starts, then it is the fuel line or the filter that should be the culprit. Also, if the fuel line has some air to it (meaning some air leaked into the fuel line), you can remove the fuel line, then start the engine. Of course it will not start, but the onset of gas from your tank will push out the air in the line. When gas spurts, or leaks out, then put it back ( you reconnect the line), and that should go smoothly from there.

Happy motoring!How can i get my engine to start?
bad starterHow can i get my engine to start?
Have you changed the gas filter? That happened to mine.How can i get my engine to start?
get your battery checked.How can i get my engine to start?
Does it make any noise when you attempt to start it?How can i get my engine to start?
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I need help with my 1988 Milano Verde!?

I just received a 1988 Milano Verde from my Uncle as a gift. I have recently changed the spark plugs, put in a new battery, and the car is in almost new condition. It looks immaculate, I will put up pictures as soon as I get a digital camera. But I am having problems ever since my dad and I took off the distributor cap and rotor. We put the cap and rotor back on and ever since, I can start the car but it stops running no more than 2 seconds together. If anyone has any advice as what to look for or if you had the same problem, please tell me what was wrong with your car and how you fixed it.

Also, I am in need of a new clutch and I would like to have an official service and repair manual. SO if you know of any websites that I can order those from, please, feel free to throw in your two cents. Thank you in advance to everyone that offers up help.

I received the car, this past Labor Day. My dad took it out after we towed it home, Minnesota to Wisconsin. He took it out for maybe 10 minutes at a time, twice. He drove it hard and fast. When he came back from his second Speed Racer stinge the car was very hot. So we put it in the garage and left it alone. Then the next day my dad brought home some coolant, and power steering fluid(since it was almost completely out) and he showed me the distributor cap and rotor by taking it apart but when we put it back together we didn't attempt to start it since we didn't have a battery that would work without jumper cables. Today I bought a battery, installed it correctly, and then we put in new spark plugs. The plug wires did Not get crossed, they are number 1 through 6. But the wires are in poor condition and I hope to replace them soon. I am planning on replacing the cap and rotor tomorrow. I just don't get how the car ran fine a few days ago and then we took apart the cap and rotor and then next time we try to start it it starts and dies with in 2 secondsI need help with my 1988 Milano Verde!?
First, congratulations! One of the best driving cars of all time! Before you start anything CLEAN THE GROUNDS! That will save you plenty of headache in the future. Then, after cleaning the grounds, rewire the grounds from for the tail lights. The starting and dying is because it is running off of the cold start injector. You need to check the fuel relay (black box on the passenger side firewall with two plugs connecting on the bottom). If you pull the black cover off of the AFM (air fuel meter) and move the arm with the ignition on you should hear the relay click and you should also hear the fuel pump come on. At the very least you should hear the fuel pump. Usually you will also see the the return line from the fuel regulator jump a bit because of the fuel going through. If you do not have either of those that means you are not getting fuel and need a new relay which is fairly common and most owners of these cars will keep spares. Since the car is running I can assume you are getting proper spark so check the relay first. I have also had a bad ground in my ECU but that caused the same problem, but the relay is usually the cause. For the clutch you can try Centerline Alfa ( or International Auto Parts ( They should have your relay too. Another good resource is There are some very knowledgeable members on there and it is free. Most of the time you will get timely responses which makes it a powerful tool. If you are not good with a wrench you soon will be. These cars need attention regularly, but they reward you for it. You can also contact me directly and I will help where I can. I have more than enough Alfa experience to see you through most issues. Hope this helped.

I am Alfaverde88 on

93 suzuki gsx600f katana?

I bought a 93 suzuki gsx600f katana not running. I changed the spark plugs, sp wires, coils, and cleaned the carbs. and it will start but when I got it the gas tank wasnt connected and I have no idea how that is supposed to be hooked up?93 suzuki gsx600f katana?
This won't be your only puzzle on the bike, just get you a shop manual and it will show you how to hook it up and help with the next 3 problems you will have.

I guarantee it.

Can this hose thing cause a vacuum leak?

ok i own a saturn sl1, like the one in the video im goin to show you, now i was messing with it today cuz it has been running wierd and everybody said it sounds like a bad vacuum leak,

things that doin wierd stuff on my car

when start, goes up to 3000 rpm and does down slow,

when in drive or %26quot;r%26quot; while your foot is on the brake it shacks, idles lowish, and sometimes just acts wierd, also check engine light is on and flash's alot,

i replaced the oxygen senor, the fuel pump and filter, spark plugs with spark plug wires, i am changing out the coil friday,

now here is my question, i think!!

ok on this video is a guy wth a saturn like myne, ok see from 0:15 to 0:20 on the video how he puts his hand on that black thing and follows it up, now were that black hose it hooked on the throttle body, and the end of the black hose, on 0:20 that end was melted and i thin that is a vacuum leak right? the black end peace is melted and there is a opening, so im guessing that a vacuum leak? thank you guysCan this hose thing cause a vacuum leak?

What you have is an intake air leak, and it is bypassing the airflow meter and causing the problems you are having.

Very best regards

GeordieCan this hose thing cause a vacuum leak?
yes we know all that stuff and another thing that,s a good way to catch the engine on fire if the engine is hot too. any hose that,s drawing vacuum there could be a vacuum leak if the hose or metal tube has a leak in it.
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  • How do you know if your map sensor is bad?

    I have a 19999 Ford Mustang v6. the problem is when i go to press on the gas the car does not take off like it should it just goes slow then it starts speeding up. but when its parked i can press on the gas and it revs up good only when your driving it has trouble. what can the problem be? I have changed the wires, spark plugs, tps sensor, pcv valve, mass air flow sensor, Fuel filter, transmission filter. Need some help thinking it could be the map sensor or my Fuel pump. whatever help you all can give me would help.How do you know if your map sensor is bad?
    I don't think your car has a MAP sensor. There are two ways to measure air into the engine. One is done with mass air meter (maf) and the other with a manifold absolute pressure sensor (map). Fords use a MAF..

    There is a fuel rail pressure sensor on your fuel rail perhaps that is what you think is the map. This sensor keeps the rail pressure at 45 psi above the manifold pressure. So you see a vacuum line on this sensor, but it is measuring fuel pressure relative to manifold pressure.

    Can you check the fuel pressure? There should be a fitting on the rail that looks like a tire valve. connect a press sure gage to it (some autoparts stores will loan them) and make sure it stays above 45 psi all the time.

    Your fuel pump might be getting weak. I had a Ford Windstar did the same thing and had to put a fuel pump in it.How do you know if your map sensor is bad?
    You can generally tell when your O2 sensor is bad with a diagnostic scan. Your problem however seems to be with either fuel delivery, ignition, or air intake. Unless you just don't know what a slipping transmission feels like. Do a fuel system pressure test to make sure its within specs. Im not familiar with the V6 mustang, Im going to assume it has a coil pack ignition. Check it or check them all(whichever you have). Make sure your air filter isn't clogged up.

    No spark at all three coils, is it a bad Ignition Control Module?

    I have a 98' Grand Am GT 3.1L V6 with 88k miles. As of this afternoon, the engine turns over but will not start. The engine is getting gas but no spark at any of the three coils. I don't think all three coils would go bad at the same time so I suspect the Ignition Control Module or a Camshaft Position Sensor may be bad.

    Is there anyway I can test the ICM or CPS with a meter? (Called Autozone and they can't test it. The Chilton book has no information about testing the ICM or CPS, only details how to take out and replace).

    The car had a full maintainence (new plugs, new wires, fluids changed, new filters all around) less than 1000 miles ago and was running great up until it wouldn't start this afternoon.No spark at all three coils, is it a bad Ignition Control Module?
    you might want to check the distributor cap, and the rotor inside it. that can be the cause of the problem, and it's an easy fix too. since it's getting gas, i don't think it has anything to do with then fuel pump, lines or filter. check the ecu to see if there's any code lights on it. sometimes ecu's don't set the check engine light off for certain codes. also, if the timing is off, the might not run either. anyways, hope this helps, and good luck!No spark at all three coils, is it a bad Ignition Control Module?
    If you just had a full tune up less than 1000 miles ago, bring it to the place that performed the tune up. It is possible they could have used incorrect spark plugs and wires.

    But no, there is no way to use a meter to check your IPM or CPS. You can test individual sensors but it is a royal pain in the you know what. My guess is that you need a new coil pack for the three cylinders that are not firing or a crank sensor.No spark at all three coils, is it a bad Ignition Control Module?
    Ingition control module sounds good.But it all starts with the ECM it sends power to the ignition module.Also check for blown fuses esp the ecm fuse.No spark at all three coils, is it a bad Ignition Control Module?
    you need a schematic for your wiring. is there a fusible link in the system? the ignition module and cam or crank sensor are good ideas but if you have it scanned it should have a code set. I'm not sure about your model but some GM's you can jump the diagnostic connector and get the codes with the check engine light. check the advance auto or auto zone sites for instructions for that.No spark at all three coils, is it a bad Ignition Control Module?
    replace suspected coils.